Private Tutoring

We provide our students with exceptional tutoring to help them study smart & maximize their grades. Private tutoring is available for the following college classes: ACG2021  –  ACG2071  –  FIN3403  –  QMB3200  –  MAC2233  –  MAC1105  –  MAC1140  –  MAC1114  –  MAC2311  –  MAC2312  –  STA2122  –  STA2023. 

We also offer tutoring for non college students that either in high school, middle school, and also for students needing exam prep help for the SAT, GRE and many more.

Each session is based on the material you actually need help with, so if you’re studying for your next quiz or exam or you need help with a homework or assignment, you can bring your practice to the session and we’ll help you work that material with the easiest and quickest methods.

We can meet students in person at a nearby library or we can also meet live online, through our website’s easy to use tutoring platform. Online sessions are $30 per hour and the in person sessions are $40 per hour.

Schedule your private tutoring session below & if you don’t see a time you want, contact us to check for openings at 850-597-1063

Private 1 On 1 Tutoring Session

From: $30.00

In person sessions are held at the Leon county public library. Online reviews are held through our online teaching platform. Please email us a copy of the material you want to cover in advance, doing so will be a great time saver for our session. You can send us screen shoots, picture, word or pdf document, we just want to see what you need so we can prepare & maximize our study time together.