Private Tutoring

We provide our students tutoring to help them study smart & maximize their grades in the following college classes: ACG2021  –  ACG2071  –  FIN3403  –  QMB3200  –  MAC2233  –  MAC1105  –  MAC1140  –  MAC1114  –  MAC2311  –  MAC2312  –  STA2122  –  STA2023  –  and exam prep for the SAT, GRE and many more classes.

Our online reviews are available through our easy online tutoring platform. 1 on 1  sessions are $45, and discounts are available for combo purchases.

Each session is based on the material you actually need help with, so if you’re studying for your next quiz or exam or you need help with a homework or assignment, you can bring your practice to the session and we’ll help you work that material with the easiest and quickest methods.

Contact us to schedule your next session at 850-597-1063