MAC1114 Trigonometry

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MAC1114 VIP Private Tutoring Plus…


Get 8 hours of 1 on 1 online or in person tutoring sessions as well as full access to all the exam & chapter videos, along with all the packets, practice test, notes and workout solutions. Private sessions and video access is available for Spring 18

MAC1114 Semester Deal


This MAC1114 Semester package gives you full access to all the exam & sections review videos, along with all the printable packet, the practice test, notes and workout solutions. The Trig review access will be available until May 7th

MAC1114 Final Exam Review

This trig exam review covers the concepts from Unit 1 to 3 . You’ll get access to the review videos, printable packets for the video, extra practice as well as my notes & workouts solutions. The final exam review access will be until December 17th