Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, why should I get Edny’s review VS the other tutors?

For one thing, I truly care about you doing really well in your class. Any math tutor or company can just say that they care, but in most cases they don’t show it. I put my money and time where my mouth is. As long as it’s going to help your grades; I don’t mind taking a hit on my pockets. For harder exams i usually hold multiple reviews where you only pay once, but can still attend all the days or i often stay late  to take in your questions after the reviews. Just Ask your friends about us 🙂

Account Got Locked. What's happened?

Your account can only handle max 2 logins at a time, once a 3rd login shows up on there it will automatically lock itself. Devices, Browsers, IP address/ internet connections all count in your logins. To avoid adding extra connections on your account: If you’re moving to study from home to the library with your laptop, logout 1st. If you’re switching browsers, logout 1st. Don’t stay logged in on your phone. Pretty much ALWAYS Remember to LOGOUT whenever you’re done with the page, since your account is maxed at 2 logins at a time, once a 3rd login shows up on there it will automatically lock itself . If your account gets locked your review is automatically Non-Refundable

How do i get my account unlocked?

If your account is locked, call us at 850-597-1063 to get your account unlocked. However, get in the habit of login out constantly, don’t wanna get locked out in the middle of the night when we’re sleeping!! If your account gets locked your review is automatically Non-Refundable

What is your return policy?

Your satisfaction is guarantee or your money back! So if you’re not satisfied with our review within 24 hours from purchase, just CALL us at 850-597-1063 let us know and you’ll get a full refund right away. You MUST speak with us by phone for a Refund Requests, why? … I need to know what went wrong. <strong><em>If your account gets locked your review is automatically Non-Refundable

Do you do any private tutoring?

Rarely… specially during the spring and fall semester. Between making packets, practice test, holding the actual reviews or recording the online videos and answering math questions, there’s no time left for private reviews.

What are the reviews all about?

In our review sessions we slowly cover a bunch of practice test problems similar to the ones you usually get on your practice, and we work them out using our cool math tricks and shortcuts. We mostly focus on the harder types of problems that are usually the most-missed test questions. We also show you all the pitfalls you need to watch out for to avoid make the same silly mistakes that other students will make. Our reviews are not rushed, they last about 3.5 and prepare you on the materials that you need to know  to do very well on your exam no matter  horrible  you many think you are at math.

Can we call you after the session is over?

Yes. Our reviews do not stop at the session alone, we provide you with tons of extra study material to cover on your own: practice tests, notes, online resources, you can call us, email us, text us and we help you all the way through!!

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards, Bitcoins and labor (good note takers get lots of discounts)

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes lots of them… Our Semester Deal are by far the best $95 covers all of our live and online reviews for the semester,  our online practice test and everything else we’ll have available for a class Click Here to view all of our discounts for your class

When are the latest or best times I can call you with a questions?

Hey as long as you call me before 6AM with any math, accounting or stats questions, than you are cool 🙂  I know that this makes no sense to most adults but most college students do their studying late at night, sometimes as late as 4:30 AM. I hear studying is more productive at those times. Because of that, I want to make myself available to you when you need my help the most. So please don’t be shy to call anytime even if it’s late. If you’re uncomfortable calling after a certain time, just send me a quick text at 850-597-1063.

Why don’t they just teach it like that (Edny's method) in class?

It’s not the professor’s fault! I know it’s hard to believe, but there truly aren’t very many professor out there, who’ve set it as their main professional goal to intentionally confuse and frustrate students! There are so many ways to explain math, most professors just choose the generic traditional method which will more likely flow with the book and other classes. It keep’s things simple and minimizes confusion!

When will we ever use any of this stuff again? Why do we need to know this?

I use to get this question all the time until, I started showing my students funny ass math examples of how everyone from Kids, birds, Pimps, Strippers, Drug Dealer, etc can use math in the real business world. Of course, I may stretch the truth a little (or A LOT) in my crazy word problems but no one says math has to be so dry and boring.  I even show my students lessons on how to properly bitch slap math and show it who’s the boss!!!

How do you come up with these awesome math tricks and shortcuts?

My latest math trick came to me while I was… releasing stress in the toilet.  🙂  However, most of them came to me while I was helping someone privately and then I notice a pattern or better/quicker way of doing those math problems.  A lot of the times these tricks are done using concepts taught in advance math courses that hopefully you may never have to take. However, I twist them around to explain it in a way that even your grandmother can understand and do it.

What is a VIP student? And what's so special about being one?

I try to treat everyone the same, but for this VERY SPECIAL clique I go all out for my hommies.  They receive the test packets for their next test a whole week before their exam so they can get a early head start studying for the test.  They also will receive my special practice test with the video step-by-step math answer key to those questions.  Plus my VIP students are the only people I have time for when it comes to private tutoring.  So please don’t playa hate on my VIP peeps :p

How can I become one of your VIP students?

There are ONLY two ways to get into the club: Ordering one of the Semester Deals, or private invitation from Edny himself. Edny’s VIP club was created as a way of saying “thank you” for the referrals we get from my students.   I especially appreciate those referrals  we get because our tutoring business is 95% word-of-mouth!!!  🙂