Edny! I got a 90% on the test, thank you for all your help!!!!!! Best investment of my money! Fall 11 Exam 1….  92%! Thank you Edny!!!!!!!!! Fall 11 Exam 2……  90% on the final exam which means I get a 90% in the class! THANK YOUUUUU! See you next semester for Managerial! THANK YOU! -Olivia L. ACG2021 Fall 11 
 Edny tutored me all through out Trigonometry ( MAC1114) and Calculus I ( MAC2311). I received A’s in both classes thanks to Edny’s help. I have been to mutiple math tutors and Edny is by far the best one. He is very intelligent , professional, and qualified. He truly cares about his clients and their performance in class. I would highly recommend Edny to anyone looking for a tutor in math. – Jenny Gross

Hi! I got a 30/35 on the final! And an 86 in the class! Thanks so much. Idk what I would have done without your help! -Satori W. ACG2071 Fall 12 

90% thats whatsup! I considered dropping the class for 3 weeks I really though Jesus had a better chance of coming back then me getting a 90% thank u! – V.L. MAC1105 Spring 10

Edny, All of your material was great for this review, I didn’t know about you for the first exam and so only studied myself and got a 26/40. I used all of your resources this time and I got a 34/38 (about 90%) on this exam. Thanks, it all really helped and I will be using you again for the final and also in my future classes as well. -Mike E. ACG2021 Exam 2 Fall 11 
100% on the final! 93.2% in the class, got the A! Thank you so much Edny, you really helped me a lot this semester! -Gary McP., ACG2071 Fall 12 

mac1140t3– Edny’s screen shoot from Fall 13 email responses.
Hey, I got a 77 on the business CALC final. but it would have been a F with out ur help. I just watched your shortened review the night before and it got me a 77 without even attending class. thanks for all the help this year.

Thanks Again, -D. Harwood, MAC2233 Sp 11 

I got an 84.85 on this test which is way up from my 66 on test 1, i wanted to thank you very much for of all your help and time that you put in. I didn’t know how to do one and thats only because i didnt remember the formula for when this kind of graph goes over either the x or y axis, and the other ones were little mistakes that i just need to take time on next time. Patrick B–tler 

Hey Edny I want to thank you for the tutoring Monday night. I got a 95% on my math test which is crazy because I’ve failed just about every quiz lol. Whens your next tutoring session? David Fr–nk 

I got an 83.52% on the final….my final grade in the class should be a B. Would most likely been an A if I started going to you from day 1. anyway thanks and i’ll definitely be seeing you in the spring for accounting.

happy holidays -Jenn, STA2023 Fall 09 

Hey Edny!!! I got a 94 on the final! HELL YEA!!! I would have never gotten that without your help! I’m so happy my friend recommended you to me, your tutoring legitimately saved my ass this semester! YOU should be teaching at FSU, not —— haha!

Thanks again, -Amanda D, ACG2021 Fall 12 

Edny started tutoring me at the beginning of the semester. I had not taken math in a couple years and was very worried that I wouldn’t do well in my first math course at Florida State University, but Edny really helped me out. For every new topic or problem we came to Edny had a little short cut or a detailed explanation on how to solve the problem correctly and efficiently. Edny has been tutoring me for the past four months and I believe my sole success in my math course is because of him. I may even manage to get an A in my college algrebra class with Edny’s help which is something I hardly expected or even thought I would acheive.”

Sincerely, Kelly McS 

mac1114t2– Edny’s screen shoot from Fall 13 email responses.


Hey Edny, I just wanted to say thanks for the help with financial accounting. It wasn’t looking good for me in the beginning but I studied all of the final exam reviews in great depth and saved my grade at the last second with the final. I’m looking forward to you teaching me for managerial accounting next semester. – Jorge L., ACG2021 Fall 12 

I got a 80 on the final! I just wanted to thank you so much, you really saved my ass this semester with the class! Seriously though you are the sole reason I do not have to retake Ron’s class in the spring!

Thanks so much! -Kimberly M. ACG2021 Fall 12 

Hey!! I ended up getting a 32/35 on the final exam and have an A in the class!! So happy it is over and all the hard work paid off! Thanks soooo much -Kelsi H. ACG2071 Fall 12 

Edny, I want to thank you with the utmost sincerity. The service that you have provided me with this semester has been absolutely priceless. If it weren’t for you I’d have spent far more time studying Business Calculus only to have a far worse grade. You picked up on my learning style, taught accordingly, and made it look easy; which I’m sure its not! I really appreciate how you have genuinely cared about my grade. I had met with a different tutor in the beginning of the semester and I soon realized that it didn’t make a difference to him what grade I got, he only wanted to make a quick buck. I owe the A that I have in Business Calculus to you, and I am very appreciative of it.  ” -Adam 

I was gettings Fs on my recitational quizzes and Cs on the ones I was taking at home – With NOTES ! After I took your recitational I was getting As on the ones I was taking at home and I got an 88% on the test. With the PRS extra credit points it should round out to an A. Thanks so much for your help and you may see me back again if I continue to have problems with the next session. Keep it up.” -Danica Simans 

mac1105t3– Edny’s screen shoot from Fall 13 email responses.
Hey Edny!
I wanted to say thank you soooooo much! After taking your course I got an 85 on the first test only becuase the ones I missed I was careless and a retard at that. haha I’d like to attend the retake sessions as well becuase I want to try and go for the A, which I know I can do. I’m most certainly going to continue showing up to your tutoring sessions from now on!!!!! And Can you please reserve a spot for me for review for the final…I would love to make sure that I have a spot for that exam as well! =)”

Thank you so much!  Charlotte 

I just want to say thank you so much for your through help. It was honestly the best thirty dollars I have ever spent. I got a 95 on the test and the only reason I got one wrong is because I made a careless mistake on the word problem and typed it in wrong. Thank you very much for your help and I will be using your services in the future.”  – Kevin Eberhardt 

Hey, i got a 92!!! Im very happy, thank you for helping me out. On the first test i got a 60, i feel so much better about my grade now.”  -Sara M. 

Dear Edny:

I just wanted to thank you for helping my daughter in her math class; without you I am sure she would have had to drop the class by now. Thank you so much for your talent!!!  -Abbe Schwartz(Eve’s mom) 

I would like to take this time to sincerely thank you for helping me understand math. For as long as I can remember I have always done poorly. My quiz grades thus far have been terrible; 20, 50, 20 but today I got a 95 on the test after going to your review. Without a doubt I will be at all the remaining test reviews and once again Thank You.  ”  -Emily Perez 

I got a 97 on my test! I am so excited. I had been getting from 40 – 70% on all of my quizzes.Thank you so much. I will definitely be seeing you for the next quiz tutoring.”
Sincerely, Hillary James 

I received a 90% on Test 1, a definite improvement from my 43% I got on the first quiz. Thank you so much for your help!”  -Brittany Gredler